Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Nici Birthday Cake

16th of July is my son & his daddy's birthday. :)
I ordered a nici theme birthday cake for them. Since my son was born in the year of  Tiger & the plush belong to him anyway, so I choose Nici Tiger character as the decorations.

A basket of red eggs & tiger plush

7 komentar:

  1. The birthday cake is wonderful!!! We love it!! ♥♥ How did you get the cake shop to make the two tigers on the cake? They look exactly like the real nici tiger

  2. Wow, what a beautiful present! I wish your son and his father a very happy birthday :)
    By the way, I was born Tiger too :)

  3. Ohh, beatiful present. Happy birthday!! ^_^

  4. This fancy cake is a real artwork!!! We wish your son and his father much luck and healthiness for their birthday :-)

  5. thank u my friends....for the birthday wishes :)

    Hugo: I was introduced by a friend. I'm in love with her artwork. She is really really good on making this kind of things. You can see her artwork in her Fb

    And the cake so delicious too :)

  6. What a great cake!! Hope that it tasted just as good, it makes me feel hungry only by looking at it. Where did you order it??

  7. It's taste was good. :) I ordered from mionette cakes.